For ideas people

Our membership base comprises a wide-range of interesting people, with a natural bias towards entrepreneurs, creatives, writers, artists, lunatics and geniuses. Our membership includes:

- Adam Martin, Head of interactive and branding, United Agents
- Julia Hall, Founder, Women Unlimited
- John Mitchinson, Co-founder and research director, QI
- Wendy Tan White, Founder, Moonfruit
- James Hurley, Editor, Growing Business Magazine
- Fleur Britten, Senior commissioning editor, Sunday Times Style Magazine
- Jamie Klingler, Director of photography, Shortlist
- Richard Alvin, Managing Director, Capital Business Media
- Amanda Rose, Creator, Twestival
- Marie Camara-Ferguson, Founder, Ice Cube Design
- Alx Clive, Founder, World TV
- Richard O’Connor, MD, Chocolate and Love
- Tiffany St James, Founder, Simulation
- Graham Painter, Co-founder, The Playground
- Alex Bellinger, Founder, SmallBizPod
- Kathryn Parson, Co-founder, The Scarlett Mark
- Tom Boardman, Co-founder,
- Matt Thomas, Editor, Smarta
- Michael Smith, Founder, Moshi Monsters
- Simone Brummelhuis, Founder, The Next Women
- Deborah Francis-White, Founder, The Spontaneity Shop
- Duncan Cheatle, Founder, The Supper Club
- Robert Fenton, Founder, Robert Fenton Enterprises
- Malcolm Scovil, Founder, Leap Anywhere
- Julia Macmillan, Founder, Toyboy Warehouse
- Matt Hagger, Founder, e-Man
- Simon Swords, Founder, Atlas Computer Systems
- Michelle Acton-Bond, Director, We Should Try
- Nic Brisbourne, Partner, DFJ Esprit
- Sophie Neary, Gun for Hire, Freelance
- Farhan Rehman, Founder, Conscious Comms
- Gabrielle Laine-Peters, Architectural Designer, Freelance
- Paul Clarke, Strategy consultant, Freelance
- Sonia Hully, Founder, Love Definitely
- Christine Hartland, Film producer, Freelance
- Simon Prockter, Founder, Adventura
- Sara Rizk, Deputy editor, Startups
- Raoul Klien, Founder, Nineteen74
- Lucy Macleod, Founder, Show and Tell Films
- James Aylett, Co-founder, Talk to Rex
- Lloyd Davis, Founder, Tuttle Club
- Anna Melville-James, Journalist, Freelance
- Jeremy Kay, Founder, now house
- Gemma Johnson, Co-founder, BaBeeCard
- Bindi Karia, VC/Emerging Business Lead, Microsoft UK
- Oliver Mardling, Founder, What Talent
- Edie Lush, Associate Editor, Spectator Business
- Andrew Ellis, Founder, Eyetoeye Digital
- Poppy Dinsey, Marketing Manager at School for Startups
- Tom Ball, Founder, Cognac
- Claire Margetts, Project Co-ordinator, Catlin Arctic Survey
- Colin Wilkinson, Founder, Incubation Ltd
- Annette Kramer, Marketing consultant, Annette Kramer Consulting
- David Prever, Founder, Brandspanking
- Simon Richards, Author, Shakespeare’s Truth
- Judith Clegg, Founder, The Glasshouse
- Joe Neale, Head of End User Programs, Symbian
- Milo Yiannopoulos, MPhil student. Cambridge University
- Joanna Jepson, Chaplin, The London School of Fashion
- Paul Birch, Investor/Co-founder, Birthday Alarm / Bebo
- Andrew Gerrard, Consultant, Freelance
- Gemma Went, Founder, Red Cube Marketing
- Sam Barnett, Founder, Struq
- John Pollock, Communications consultant, Freelance
- Steve Dukes, Commercial director, Empora
- Claire Grapper, Managing director, Wired Events
- Brett Putter, Senior partner, Forsyth Group
- Katarina Skoberne, Co-founder, OpenAd
- Joe Stepniewski , Co-founder, Skimlinks
- Simon Campbell, CEO, Viapost
- Katie Moffat, PR consultant, prandsocial


As a member, you get to become part of a community of people who help each other and collaborate on ideas. You will be invited to our events, which are held primarily in London. We currently hold 1 or 2 per month. You can read more about our events on the Events page.

Becoming a member

Membership is exclusive but open to ideas people. There are two ways to join:

1. If a member proposes you then you’re in. Simply ask them to email us and proposer you.

2. Convince us that you should be a member. To apply, email a bio etc. to

Membership is free and comes with a big bag of life altering potential.


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