For ideas people

The YesAndClub is strong community where members collaborate, help and inspire each other.

To that end, we host regular events to connect and excite our members – big, small, sensible, ridiculous, formal and informal. You could literally be invited to anything.

Currently we run 1 or 2 events per month.

Past events include:

Prior to setting up the YesAndClub we hosted over 100 events for London’s startup and creative scenes. We know what it takes to run exceptional events – the format is important, but ultimately it is people, energy and context that make an event special. That’s what this club is all about.

Entrance to most events is included in the price of membership. Obviously there will be an additional charge for events such as formal dinners and weekends away.

Being an ideas club, we are of course open to experimentation. We love to receive event ideas from our members, who are also encouraged to host their own events. Get in touch if you have an event idea, or are interested in hosting your own event –


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