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The Ballum-Rankum is now public. All my activity is through this movement.

The YesAndClub is excited to announce that on Monday 29th March we are hosting a talk by John Mitchinson, co-founder of QI (Quite Interesting), on ‘How to be interesting and memorable.’

John is the chief writer and head of research for the BBC1 panel show QI. With QI’s creator, John Lloyd, he is co-author of the bestselling series of QI books, The Book of General Ignorance, The Book of Animal Ignorance, and Advanced Banter.

Their most recent book, which will form the basis of much of John’s talk, is The QI Book of the Dead which compares and contrasts the different ways individual human beings cope (or fail to cope) with the curves that the universe throws at us. Over 600 interesting and memorable people were researched for the book and 68 was chosen to be included.

Before QI John worked in publishing, where he was managing director of the Harvill Press, Cassell & Co, and Deputy Publisher of the Orion Group. Prior to that he was the first marketing director for Waterstone’s. John is a Vice-President of the Hay Festival, a Fellow of the RSA, and Chair of the London Centre for International Storytelling.

John is also a pig keeper.

The event is free to YesAndClub members and £10 for guests. There are only 50 places available and we expect demand to be very high, so RSVP soon to avoid disappointment.

The QI Philosophy

They say the primal drives are food, sex and shelter.

QI says there is a fourth: Curiosity.

We are hard-wired for curiosity: it is innate – a fierce need – and, unlike the other three drives, it is what makes us uniquely human. But pure curiosity, completely standard in children under seven and found in great artists, scientists and explorers, is, for some reason, quickly suppressed, sublimated or shrunken in most people. We make do with crossword puzzles, gossip, football results, pub quizzes and Jerry Springer.’

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