For ideas people

Sarah Turner’s Drink Bottle Lights are fabulous. To see such creativity from recycled materials makes you think – what else could be made from plastic bottles, especially given that her lights sell for £280-£800.

The students at Pratt’s Institute were given the challenge of designing something that cost less than a dollar to make. The results became a hit exhibit at the International Contempary Furniture Fair.

This is a great example of how challenging constraints can be a hugely positive contributor to innovation.

It is not obvious that skateboards would make great material for stools, like say surfboards for tables. The stools are made by Deckstool. As well as buying from their range which they’ve crafted using broken skateboards harvested from urban Philadelphia, you can also send in your own skateboards and have a custom stools made.

Skateboards, with their artistic designs, are great material for making recycled furniture. What other things could be used in this way.