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Entry at the D&AD Student Awards responding to the brief from Hewlett Packard – “Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.”

HP – invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo.

Stunning time lapse films by Sensei Studios.

‘Film Mission: To expand the consciousness of it viewers by depicting to them what goes on in a world wide scale through use of high resolution time-lapse cinematography and precise time-remapping. As it takes the viewer on a magical journey through time on earth, it will provide an honest depiction of life on earth where the viewer can access the beauty of nature like it’s never been seen.’

Time Lapse Earth (teaser #1) from Sensei Studios on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Earth (teaser #2) from Sensei Studios on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Earth (teaser #3) from Sensei Studios on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Earth (teaser #4) from Sensei Studios on Vimeo.

An experimental short film by Ubik made for the f5 festival in New York.

Voxel from Ubik on Vimeo.

Highly entertaining video of a guy providing musical beats for people to join in. It is impossible to watch this video without smiling.

Creative split screen music video for the song Make Her Say.

Kid Cudi – Make Her Say Feat. Kanye West & Common (HD) from DP on Vimeo.

A stunning mashup of art, music and quotations. Visuals by Esteban Diácono, music by Olafur Arnalds, and quotations from Albert Einstein, Brian Eno, Stefan Segmeister, and others.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

‘In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrator James Braithwaite have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack.’

A very powerful short film and winner of best European short film. Simple but brilliant concept.

‘Doll Face presents a visual account of desires misplaced and identities fractured by our technological extension into the future.’

A collaborative animation by design collective watermark. This is a journey into 8 different worlds, each create by a different illustrator.