For ideas people

Excellent concept by Moruba – this packaging really stands.

Dasparkhotel offers rooms converted from drainpipes.

Quirky is a crowd sourced product development platform. This is how it works – you pay $99 to submit an idea, the community then develop it. Then every week all the products in the development stage get voted on and the one with them most votes goes forward into production. Anyone who contributes significantly to the development of the idea, for instance coming up with a brand name, can be rewarded with part ownership.

Raz*War offers razor blades by subscription. Socks and tights are also available by subscription. Wonder what else would work? What about a whole wardrobe of clothes for a year, chosen by X?

BookOfCooks is an online market-place for home cooked meals.

Idea Exchange engages employees in your company’s innovation in a fun and relevant way. Participants publish ideas and identify the best through trading.’

Kickstarter is a ‘funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors and explorer.’ People can fund projects in return for rewards, which may be simply a credit.  The project owner retains 100% ownership of the project.

It appears to be working really well. They launched in May and have funded over 100 projects.