For ideas people

(After an amazing time – the YesAndClub is closed. It’s spirit remains within us. All my activity is now through – The Ballum-Rankum – which is a creative movement.)

It’s easy to explain why an idea won’t work.

It’s far more fun and rewarding to say yes and… develop the idea.

We love enthusiasm and energy. Magic happens when people say yes and bounce ideas back and forth, improving on them each time.

We know what’s possible when positive minds engage. We get excited when people say yes and an average idea evolves into something special.

Put simply – we love the power of yes and…

The YesAndClub is a club for ideas people who want to:

  • be stimulated by developing ideas
  • share techniques for idea creation and development
  • meet interesting people
  • create, develop and collaborate on ideas
  • give and receive useful introductions
  • Turn ideas into realities

But much more than that, it is an adventure, a yes and adventure. Anything could happen.

If the idea of saying yes and excites you, then go to the Membership page and join us.

The Founder

The YesAndClub was founded by entrepreneur and networker Robert Loch.

Robert has hosted over 100 events for London’s startup and creative communities.

He was described by the Financial Times as  the ‘master of revels’ of London 2.0, whatever that means.

Robert loves bringing people and ideas together. Through his events Robert has been fortunate enough to meet many brilliant people. With the call to arms  ‘Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus pro glace lactis’ he invited the most ideas-crazy of them to come out to play, and the YesAndClub was born.


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