For ideas people

We’re hosting a YesAndClub Summer Drinks in the park on Wednesday 21st July from 6pm.

Attending are:

Adam Martin, Digital director, Naked
Calypso Rose, Founder, Clippykit
Nic Brisbourne, Partner, DFJ Esprit
Annie Mullins, Global Head of Content Standards, Vodafone
Colin Wilkinson, Founder, Incubation Ltd
Amanda Rose, Founder, Twestival
Tom Boardman, Co-founder, Firebox
Pip Williams, Associate producer, Peapie Films
Tom de Grunwald, Format developer, Iris Productions
Reverend Joanna Jepson, Chaplain, London School of Fashion
Steve Dukes, COO, Empora
Jamie Klingler, Photography director, Shortlist Magazine
Alx Klive, Founder, Affinity Media Group
Claire Margetts, Project Co-ordinator, Catlin Arctic Survey
James Bromley, Managing director,
Michelle Acton-Bond, Managing Partner, We Should Try
Oliver Mardling, Founder, What Talent
Anna Bance, Co-founder, Girl Meets Dress
Steve Trister, Comedy actor and writer, Freelance
Flick McLean, Head of Charities, Leap Anywhere
Simon Prockter, Founder,
Hannah Keys, Communications Manager, Skimlinks
James Aylett, Co-founder, Talk to Rex
Anna Delaney, PR, Leap Anywhere
Sam Barnett, Founder, Struq
Alenda Dundas, Founder, Gymboo
Paul Clarke, Strategy consultant, Freelance
Poppy Dinsey, Founder, WIWT
Simon Campbell, Non-Exec Director, ViaPost
Scarlett Russell, Features and Entertainment Writer, GLAMOUR
Milo Yiannopoulos, Technology journalist, Freelance
Justin Champney, Co-founder,
Sally Caldwell, PR and marketing, Love Is All We Need
Simon Swords, Founder, Atlas Computer Systems
Brett Putter, Senior Partner Emerging Technologies, Forsyth Group
Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise, Co-founder, Girl Meets Dress
Daniel Priestly, Founder, Triumphant Events


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