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We are very excited to announce that the YesAndClub is hosting a talk and Q&A with Stevyn Colgan on Wednesday 30th June. Stevyn is widely regarded as an expert on creative problem solving.

Stevyn will be sharing the knowledge and techniques he gained through his work with the Problem Solving Unit at New Scotland Yard. Stevyn and his team were given the problems to tackle that traditional policing couldn’t fix; everything from littering to domestic violence. The systems he helped to create were eventually adopted by the Home Office and are now in use across the country.

Stevyn is currently writing a book on creative problem solving which examine interesting and effective ideas from around the world.

The talk will include:

- Techniques and systems for problem solving

- Ideas used in the Problem Solving Unit at New Scotland Yard

- Examples of innovative problem solving from around the world

The format:

- 7pm start

- 7.30pm Talk and questions from the chair and audience

- 10.30pm finish

Stevyn will get your mind buzzing – he is a fascinating speaker, who can draw on over 30 years of experience in the MET. Beyond problem solving, he has illustrated several books and has written for a truly eclectic range of magazines. He is the author of ‘Joined-Up Thinking’ (Pan Macmillan 2008) and a regular contributor – as an artist and writer – to the QI TV series and spin-off books.

The event is free to YesAndClub members and £20 to non-members. There are 50 places available.


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Steve Trister, Comedy actor, Freelance
Claire Margetts, Project Co-ordinator, Catlin Arctic Survey
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Chris Wild, Founder, The Retroscope
Matt Hagger, Founder, E-Man
Marie Camara-Ferguson, Founder, Ice Cube Design
Tom Boardman, Co-founder, Firebox
Kathryn Parson, Co-founder, The Scarlett Mark
Tom de Grunwald, Format developer, Iris Productions
Julie Allen, Head of Creative and Digital, MTV Networks
John Williams, Author, Screw Work – Let’s Play
Milo Yiannopoulos, MPhil student. Cambridge University
Rebecca Burn-Callander, Online Editor at Think Publishing
Nick Donnelly, Founder,
Ian Johnson, Development Manager, Silk Route
Sam Barnett, Founder, Struq
Alex Tew, Founder, Popjam/MillionDollarHomepage
Gary Baker, Founder, Swag And Swoon
Steve Parks, Entrepreneur and author
Dimitar Stanimirov, Managing Partner, Inovaz
Simon Prockter, Founder, Housebites
Alenda Dundas, Founder, Gymboo
Nick Tsinonis, Founder, Recommendation Systems
Jonathan Fletcher, Operations Manager, Silk Route
Philip Wilkinson, Co-founder, Keynoir
Michelle Acton-Bond, Managing Partner, We Should Try
Justin Champney, Co-founder,
Joe Stepniewski, Co-founder, Skimlinks
Poppy Dinsey, Founder, WIWT
Brett Putter, Senior partner, Forsyth Group
Daniel Bowyer, Founder, The Engine Room
Alx Clive, Founder, Affinity Media Group
Gareth Slinn, Web developer, Silk Route
Tom Ball, Founder, Cognac
Jack Symons, Founder, SnailStrap
Kate Moffat, PR consultant, prandsocial
Anna Delaney, PR, Leap Anywhere
James Aylett, Co-founder, Talk to Rex
Robert Fenton, Founder, Robert Fenton Enterprises
David Prever, Founder, Brandspanking
James Simmonds, Systems Architect, Silk Route


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