For ideas people

This may be the most important event that you ever attend.

If you can persuade, everything else is detail.

However great an idea is, it is nothing if you can’t persuade people to believe in it.

Together we will shine a light on this art that so few have mastered. We will leave with a clearer understanding of its power.

The event will open with a short talk by YesAndClub founder, Robert Loch, who will share his thoughts on the subject. Robert has substantial experience of trying and often succeeding to persuade, ranging from raising £millions in funding to persuading a country (be it a small country) to let him do their international promotion. He puts the later down to him being totally deluded at the time and thus being entirely convincing. Whilst still a student in the art, he will share some of his tried and tested techniques, including what he calls the ‘Four pillars of persuasion.’

That will be followed by an open forum, where all members will be invited to share their views and give examples of how they’ve used the art.

For ideas people there is no art that warrants greater attention. We know that moments change lives.

“Few are open to conviction, but the majority of men are open to persuasion” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This event is strictly for YesAndClub members only. There are 20 places available so RSVP soon to avoid disappointment.

When: 7pm (Talk at 7.30pm) Monday 22nd March


- Tiffany St James, Head of Participation, COI
- Max Niederhofer, Entrepreneur in residence, Atlas Ventures
- Kathryn Parson, Co-founder, The Scarlett Mark
- Justin Champney, Co-founder, Buildabrand
- Alx Clive, Founder, World TV
- Christine Hartland, Film producer, Freelance
- James Aylett, Co-founder, Talk to Rex
- Claire Margetts, Project Co-ordinator, Catlin Arctic Survey
- John Pollock, Communications consultant, Freelance
- Oliver Mardling, Founder, What Talent
- Farhan Rehman, Founder, Conscious Comms
- Poppy Dinsey, Marketing Manager at School for Startups
- Richard O’Connor, MD, Chocolate and Love
- Jeremy Kay, Founder, now house
- Simon Campbell, CEO, Viapost
- Katie Moffat, PR consultant, prandsocial
- Steve Dukes, COO, Empora
- Jim Powell, Founder, Teeming
- Charlotte Hogg, Founding director, First Engage
- Brett Putter, Senior partner, Forsyth Group
- Annette Kramer, Marketing consultant, Annette Kramer Consulting
- Milo Yiannopoulos, MPhil student. Cambridge University


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