For ideas people

YesAndClub members are invited to attend a discussion dinner around making ideas happen. During each course we will discuss a different topic:

- First course: Techniques for creating ideas
- Second course: Selling an idea – the art of persuasion
- Third course: Promoting and spreading ideas
- Coffee: Raising funding

We will discuss methods and real world examples.

The dinner will be 3 courses and includes 1 bottle of wine and coffee. It will be held on Monday the 22th February in the private dining room at Adam Street Club. The price is £50.

Now sold out. Attending are:

Alex Butler, Transformational Strategy Director, COI
Malcolm Guite, Poet and Author, Freelance
John Pollock, Communications consultant, Freelance
John Mitchinson, Co-founder, QI
Joanna Jepson, Chaplin, London School of Fashion
Joe Stepniewski, Co-founder, Skimlinks
Simon Prockter, Founder, Adventura
Tiffany St James, Head of Participation, COI
Angus Bankes, Founder, Moreover
Robert Loch, Founder, YesAndClub


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