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The YesAndClub is hosting an evening event on the 26th January on developing TV formats.

The event will start with a talk by David Prever who is the Managing director of Brandspanking, a production company that specialises in developing TV format, on the state of the TV industry today, developing formats and getting them commissioned.

During the evening we will brainstorm ideas for a range of shows including:

- Game shows and quizes

- Reality shows

- Lifestyle shows

- Documentaries

- And more

This will be a fun evening where you can learn about TV, exercise your brain-cells, experience how other people develop ideas and meet members. It will be entertaining and rewarding – and who knows, we may even get a TV show commissioned off the back of it.

The event is being held at Leap Anywhere’s offices on Tuesday the 26th January.

We’ll meet from 7pm, the talk will start promptly at 7.30pm and will be followed by brainstorming at around 8pm. It’s a members only event and free. As it is being held at an office, you can bring your own wine, beer and freshments.

Attendees list:

- Michael Acton Smith, Founder, Moshi Monsters
- Sonia Hully, Founder, Love Definitely
- Nic Brisbourne, Partner, DFJ Esprit
- Paul Birch, Investor/Co-founder, Birthday Alarm/Bebo
- Tom Boardman, Co-founder,
- Gabrielle Laine-Peters, Architectural designer, Freelance
- Andrew Gerrard, Consultant, Freelance
- Oliver Mardling, Founder, What Talent
- Jeremy Kay, Founder, now house
- Malcolm Scovil, Founder, Leap Anywhere
- Duncan Cheatle, Founder, Supper Club
- Poppy Dinsey, Business/product development, Freelance
- James Aylett, Writer/filmmakers, Talk To Rex
- Milo Yiannopoulos, Phd Student. Cambridge University
- Leila Wilcox, Founder, Halos n Horns
- Mike Fairbrass, Head of Modeling, Richard Rogers Partnership
- Robert Loch, Founder, YesAndClub
- David Prever, Founder, Brandspanking


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