For ideas people

This YesAndClub discussion dinner is on the subject of How Ideas Spread. During each course we will discuss the theme from a different perspective. Traditionally there are 3 things that you shouldn’t discuss at dinner so:

First course: How Ideas Spread – Religion
Second course: How Ideas Spread – Politics
Third course: How Ideas Spread – Sex
Coffee: General discussion on How Ideas Spread

The dinner will be 3 courses and includes 1 bottle of wine and coffee. It will be held on the 25th January in the private dining room at Adam Street Club. The price is £50


John Mitchinson, Co-founder of QI
Tiffany St James, Founder, Stimulation Ltd
Simon Richards, Author, Shakespeare’s Truth
Sophie Neary, Gun for Hire, Freelance
Alx Clive, Founder, Affinity Media Group
Julia Macmillian, Founder, Toyboy Warehouse
James Aylett, Writer/filmmakers, Talk To Rex
Paul Clarke, Strategy consultant, Freelance
Tom Ball, Founder, Cognac
Robert Loch, Founder, YesAndClub


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